Friday, June 7, 2013

Picking flowers . . . .

from hats!  These vintage pretties yielded not only flowers and leaves, but glittered tulle, beads, satin and velvet ribbon.  

They were glued on - not fun! Three hours, a sore thumb and a steam bath later, I have a yummy pile of soft millinery near my desk upon which to gaze and dream - bliss. A few of these will find their way into a journal I started after taking this lovely workshop. The huge buttermilk rose on the cover of Heather's journal is simply gorgeous!  I go to that page every now and then just to to visit that rose.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Estate Sale

Hi all!  I thought I'd revive my blog with pics from a recent estate sale. The trill of the hunt on a crisp spring Saturday morning makes my heart zing and I came away with some pretty crafting goodies. 

I also brought home a small chest of drawers. It's pretty beat-up, but has the original clear glass knobs and I love the challenge of making it useful again  - as more storage space for all the estate sale/garage sale stuff I keep buying - I know you know what I mean! Of course vintage paper will be involved. Aren't these some lovely ideas